Arena (List) Tutorial for Gladiatus Bot | #HOWTOUSE

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    Atropos 3 years ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for Arena (List) feature on Gladiatus bot.

    This feature provides, attacking one of the enemies automatically in the arena based on the list that on the control panel.
    Do not forget to enable(On) 'Normal Arena With List' option.

    • Your character automatically attacks by order based on the list.
    • Your character has to win the fight against enemies which you added to the list.
    • The list arena feature terminates after the list has been completed.
    • Through to the control panel you can check the delay time and see all the fights that you have won or lost in the provinciarum arena.


    • The 'work feature' does not work with the list arena feature.
    • If the character's current health goes below 26%, the provinciarum arena feature pauses automatically.
    • Please be careful about using this feature! Your character may lose the fights continuously against the same enemy. This may cause program crashes.

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