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    Atropos 1 year ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for Auction (Mono) feature on Gladiatus bot.
    This feature provides that you to bid on items that you specify in the Auction.

    • Auction type has two options.  Gladiator Auction and Mercenary Auction.
    • Item type: Its an option for you to specify the item that you want to bid it. For example, if you want to bid on a weapon, you must select the weapon in 'Item Type'.
    • Auction time:  It determines when you want the items to be bid. It starts making bids within the time frame you set. These times are set to "very long", "long", "medium", "short" and "very short", respectively. For example, if you have selected "too short" as time, The bot will not bid until the auction time is too short. Here you have to write this time manually, Therefore, you should pay attention to spaces and capitalization, otherwise, the automizer may not work.
    • Item Order: The sequence of the item to be bid on the auction page. To find this sequence, open the auction page and select the type of item you would like to bid on. For example 'shoes'. The lowest item level must be chosen! Then click the search button. The order proceeds from left to right as '1' and '2'. (It is shown in the video below.) Write the number of the item you have determined in the "Item Order" section.
    • Check if someone outbids my offer: It continues to keep track of the items you bid on. If a higher bid is placed, the conditions you set will be fulfilled. You can adjust these conditions. There are two options. First, if there is a higher bid, you will be bid as long as you have enough gold. Second, if you don't have enough gold, the alarm goes off. It is recommended that you use these two options together.

      Here is a video guide:

    If you are using the auction feature, you must set the control times yourself (the first three fields on the Settings page belong to the auction). You can change these times in the settings section. Hint: If you are playing on a 5x server, make sense of the check times.

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