Casing (Auction) Tutorial for Gladiatus Bot | #HOWTOUSE

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    Atropos 1 year ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for Casing (Auction) feature on Gladiatus bot.

    • The Auction casing feature: First you should specify the "lower gold bound" to trigger this feature. When your gold is greater than the "lower gold bound", automizer bids to items on auction. The Ruby cost of these items is greater than 39 rubies. Because when the cost of the item is greater than 39 rubies, you can sell these items to the shops for the same price in the auction. In this way, when your enemies attack you, they cannot grab your gold.
    • Auction time option: This feature works only at the times you specify. For example, if you specify the time as "very short", automizer bids when the auction time is very short. You can change the controling time for auction from "Settings" section.
    • If you enable the "All times" option, Automizer will bid to the items when your golds are greater than the "Gold Lower Bound" value. You dont need to activate auctions checking times from "Settings" when the feature is active.
    • If you choose "Amulets, Rings, or Mercenaries", the Automizer will not bid on items which different from these.

      Here is a video guide: 


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