How to Login Gladiatus Bot | #LOGIN

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    Atropos 3 years ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for how to login Gladiatus bot.

    • When you run the bot, the language selection window will appear on your screen first. Continue by selecting the language you want from here.
    • Then you will see the notification screen. It contains up-to-date notifications. You can continue by clicking the Continue button.
      •  The boat entry screen appears as the screen. If you are going to use a proxy, click on the "Use proxy for multi account" text and fill in the required information.
      • 3. There is also a "Disable auto connection" button on the screen to prevent automatic login. You can prevent automatic login by clicking this button.
      •  You must enter your automzier username on the screen. Then click the Login button. 

    • If the bot login is successful, you will see a screen informing your remaining day and time. Continue by clicking the OK button.
    • The new screen you see is the one where you will enter your GAME account. First, choose the country where your account is registered. After a short wait, enter your username and password and click the login button. If the login is successful, the server list will be updated. You must choose the server where you have an account. After the bot applies the initial settings. If there is no problem at logging in, the bot screen welcomes you.

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