Interface Overview of Gladiatus Bot | #INTERFACE

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    Atropos 3 years ago

    Automizer's top panel does not change whichever tab you go to. In this panel, you can see your health, experience points, gold, expedition cooldown time, dungeon cooldown time, circus turma cooldown time, arena cooldown time, gladiator auction time, and mercenary auction time.

    You can also see the name of your account in the panel where the name of Automizer is written at the top, so you can easily understand which account you are in when using multiple automizers. Again, there are two icons on the far right of the same panel. The message icon pops up when you have unread messages in the game, so you will not miss messages even when you are on the Automizer screen. Next to the message icon is the notification icon. Automizer administrators send notifications here. If there is a new notification, this icon will appear. If you see this icon, please click on it and find out what we let you know.

    There are 3 icons above right. The 1st icon is in the shape of the globe and has a wheel in front of it. By clicking this icon, you can open the process browser used by the bot. However, please do not perform any action on this browser, otherwise, the automizer may lead to errors. The 2nd icon is just the globe and if you click on it the surfing browser will open. You can use this browser to interfere with your account while the atomizer is running. You will not experience any trouble due to the operations done by Automizer. The 3rd icon helps you to stop and start the bot. But remember, it won't stop and run features that you haven't started.

    There are an icon and text area on the bottom panel of the Automizer. The icon allows you to know if the bot is currently busy with anything. If the icon is green, the bot is not performing any action at that moment. But if it's red, the bot is currently performing a transaction. When the icon is red, the automizer interface may run with minor delays. The text area tells you which job the bot is currently busy with.

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