Smelter (Just Inventory) Tutorial for Gladiatus Bot | #HOWTOUSE

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    Rexador [Developer Team] 3 years ago


    Here you can find a detailed guide for Smelter (Just Inventory) feature on Gladiatus bot.


    • This feature provides to automatically smelts the items in your specified inventory pages.
    • With this option, you can select multiple inventory pages for smelting.
    • Attention please, if there is an item that cannot be melt in the specified inventory, the bot will crash.
    • Also this option can complete the finished smelting operations.
    • If there is no item left in your specified inventory pages, the feature will be terminated automatically.
    • This option cannot move items from your chest to inventory when there is no item left in your specified inventory pages. If you want to move items from chest to inventory, you can use Prefix-Suffix or Type-MinQuality options.
    • If your gold is not enough for smelting cost, the bot will wait for enough gold. You can set the waiting time from the Settings page.


    Here is a detailed video guide:


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