Work Tutorial for Gladiatus Bot | #HOWTOUSE

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    Atropos 3 years ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for Work feature on Gladiatus bot.
    This feature provides, your character going to work automaticly respect to your criteria. 

    You must click refresh icon for refreshing working spaces.

    • Working place option : you must choose where you want your character to work.
    • Working time option : you must choose how many hours your character will work. Be careful, not all working place give permission to work between 1-8 hours, some working place gives permission to different intervals. You should check it on the surfing browser otherwise automizer will crash.


    Gladiatus Work Guide

    Working features can be trigger in two different ways. The first one is triggered when dungeon and expedition points are over. The second one, it is triggered when the time which you specify expired.

    If you want the shutdown your pc or terminating automizer, you can use the "If starting work, apply the following feature" option.

    Here is a detailed video guide:

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