Pre-Installation & System Requirements

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    Atropos 3 years ago

    This post details the necessary preparation required before installing the Gladiatus Rexador Bot.
    Pay careful attention to the specifications and requirements described in this post. 

    Here are the System Requirements (Minimum)

    • CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo T2500 / AMD C 50
    • RAM: 2GB (Rexador Gladiatus Bot uses just 600 MB)
    • GPU: On board GPU is enough
    • OS: Windows 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)
    • Store: 50 MB
    • Note: Windows updates must be complete.

    Pre Installation Requirements
    Temporarily disable anti-virus software from the application just before the installation

    Rexador Gladiatus Bot can silently fail to install due to anti-virus software. Temporarily disable or add exclusions for anti-virus software on Rexador Gladiatus Bot just before installing. You can re-enable the anti-virus software after Rexador Gladiatus Bot is installed.

    • Make an easy Google search like " Exclude files from your_antivirüs_name".
    • Follow the instructions. Add exclusion for Gladiatus bot .
    • Install Gladiatus Bot. 
    • You can re-enable your anti-virus software.

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