Smelter (ObjType-MinQuality) Tutorial for Gladiatus Bot | #HOWTOUSE

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    Rexador [Developer Team] 3 years ago

    Here you can find a detailed guide for Smelter (Object Type - Minimum Quality) feature on Gladiatus bot.


    • This feature provides to automatically smelts the items in a specified inventory and if there is no item left on a specified inventory page, the bot moves items from chest to inventory page respect to list and it will continue to be smelt.
    • The bot selects which items move to inventory with respect to your quality and type selection.
    • For example, if you want to smelt gloves which are blue and purple, you must select blue in min quality box, and you must select gloves in the item types box, then you must click the add button to add items to the list.
    • The bot looks at the list for moving items.
    • You must select an inventory page from the “Inventory Page” area.
    • You must tick the “Inventory [MinQuality-ObjType]” checkbox. Otherwise, the function cannot be started.
    • If there is no item left in inventory and chest, the bot will wait for new items in your chest.
    • You can change the waiting time in the "Settings" section.
    • Attention please, if there is an item that cannot be melt in inventory at the start, the bot will crash.


    Here is a detailed video guide:



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