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What the 'hack' is Rexador Bot?

While you are busy with your daily works, Rexador Bot plays Gladiatus for you! It acts just like you and always makes smart decisions! So you can start dominating your enemies by automating all your needs with Rexador Gladiatus Bot!

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By just signing up you'll get 2 days free trial!

2 Days Free Trial!

By just signing up you'll get 2 days free trial! Signup, download and start using the Rexador Bot now!

By just signing up you'll get 2 days free trial!

Multi-Account and Proxy

You can use Rexador Gladiatus Bot for multiple account or characters. If your characters are on the same server, you can use the proxy feature to avoid being banned. You can use the multi-feature even if your characters are in the same lobby.

No Ban Risk!

Rexador Bot acts just like human behaviors. Therefore, when your account is tracked, it cannot be understood that you are using a bot! That's why Rexador bot is better than scripts! Feel free to use!
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The bot automatically attacks the opponents you desire in the expedition area you specified. You can add a random cooldown before attacks. You can start using this feature without any extra server settings(server speed etc.)


The bot automatically attacks your opponents in the Normal or Provinciarum Arena.
You can choose the level of the opponents to attack. Also, if you make a list of your opponents, the bot can attack them automatically.
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The bot automatically attacks Dungeon enemies. You can prevent the bot from attacking the Dungeon Boss. If you are defeated by the enemy, the bot will exit and re-enter the dungeon, preventing you from constantly being defeated.

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